Captain Galaxy - Patboy Hustler - The Realest Card Game
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Who is Captain Galaxy

Captain Galaxy is a space traveler from a distant Galaxy which uses the Patboy Card Game to make Fantasy Babes happy. In his Galaxy the people failed to listen to women and they destroyed his world. With his best friend Pikachu and crew members he found along the way he is planning to save this planet from the Depressed Daywalkers with the help of the Fortunate Babes.

Making dreams come true

Captain Galaxy and his crew members work hard every day on the Fortune Campaign in oder make the dreams of many Creative Fantasy Babes come true! Their goal is to make as much dreams come true as they can and launch the Fortune Enterprise far away from the resistance with the collected Good Fortune!

Captain Galaxy & Friends

Along this adventure new friends are made that are helping Captain Galaxy and his crew on this mission. We can help each other right? Do you like the Mission Captain Galaxy is working on then join along! Become one of Captain Galaxy’s his space friends by contacting him on Instagram.