Who is Captain Galaxy

Captain Galaxy is known as Gio. Bored of the rut and soo many depressed people he decided to create a game that should revive people to start dreaming again, smile and play the game of life. Keep playing games for aduls not just for kids!! 

He came up with idea for a Card Game and named it “Patboy Hustler”. After 6 years of hard work he completed it and is ready to launch it together with Pikachu.

The first card game for adults where there are actual real babes on cards which the players have to collect, trade and puzzle. Their Goal, earning them favor in return for getting to know or see more from them.

Because #Patcards hold actual value it delivers Babes on the #Patcards revenues of income. This shoud support them in these barren times so we can keep playing games:)

Earning a Fortune of Fans and Fame

In preparation of the release of Patboy Card Game Captain Galaxy and Pikchu have been assigned by Patboy Cash to save the world from the depressed daywalkers!

In order to achieve this goal they have to:

  • Carefully spend the  $250.000 on Fortune Babes that join their campaign.
  • Use the Patboy Hustler Card Game and inform the Fortune Babes that Patboy Cash asks their #Patcard in return for the Jackpot Cash.
  •  #Patcards that can be created are limited to 100.

How does it work?

You need an invitation from Captain Galaxy or a Fan to be part of this campagin. With this invitation comes a Fortune Code which you need to activate the campaign in your Patcards Link Page. From there it’s a matter time. Captain Galaxy will pay you for the total amount of Fans collected on your Patcards Link Page upon release of Patboy Card Game in real cash.

Dutch Models can visit Captain Galaxy & Pikachu on their show in their Studio in Amsterdam! The show will highlight you for your future #Patcard.

What you will get

  • You won’t pay a dime and will get everything for free!
  • You will get to use an Exclusive Patcards Link Page that has more features and reports on the progress of the Fortune they collected for you.
  • You will get a unique customized theme for your Patcards Link Page created by the Patboy Development Team
  • Patboy team will engage players to visit your profiles from your Patcard Link Page and choose to support your campaign in order to get in the game!

Ask Cpt.Galaxy & Pikachu