Who is Captain Galaxy

Captain Galaxy is a former Internet Entrepreneur who got bored of the daily rut and decided to sell it all and jump into the unknown.
Too much stuff, too less time, craving for creativity and most importantly no more dreams he decided to built himself a space ship named “The Fortune Enterprise” and travel the Galaxy in persuit of Good Fortune from Amazing Fantasy Babes for which he could make their dreams come true in return for healing Planet Earth.

Too much Stuff, Too Less Time

Everybody seems to be out of time and in need of more stuff. It’s never enough and there is never enough time. A ungry Planet that could use some Good Fortune to bring back the creatiy we all crave for in our existence.

Time for Good Fortune

Life is too short to take it all so serious. Captain Galaxy is here to bring no answers as he doesn’t know what this is all about on this planet but he does know that all of us could use some Good Fortune. 

Ready to join change the Script?

Life is too short to let your dictated by the opnions of others. In this vast universe there is room for every star to share their Good Fortune with the world.

Message Cpt.Galaxy if you are interested to collaborate with him on this journey to make your dreams come true.