Soon you will be Playing Patboy Galaxy

Collecting all the Amazing Babes in the Galaxy for Good Fortune

Explore Patboy Galaxy

Invite your favorite Babe for a Patcard in the Upcoming Game, Patboy Galaxy which can be used as a Link Page and will make her dreams come true.

Patcards can be used anywhere!at any place

Girls that use Patcards can share their links and images everywhere on their own unique url “” link page
  • Visible in web browsers
  • Visible on Mobile
  • Visible in Patboy Card Game for Trading & Collecting

Patcards Link to everywhereFor all her fans! Including you;)

A Patcard Link Page is the ultimate launchpad to a babe’s her latest video, store, art, website, social post of even donation collection – everywhere she will go she is online!
  • She can share her personal links
  • She can sell her Products or Art as NFT.
  • Visitors can donate Fortune Points.

Patcards come with Unique ThemesEspecially Customized for her

Patcards come with a wide range of special and unique themes that will perfectly suit your favorite Babe. All  Patcards bought by Patboy will get a free tailor made custom design theme. This will increase the value of the Patcard. (This is only during Pre Sale)
  • A wide range of unique themes
  • A custom designed theme 

A Unique collector's item for the Fortunate onesShow her your indefinite Support

Babes that accept our invitation will get their Unique Patcard in the upcoming Game “Patboy Card Game” for players to trade, collect and earn exclusive access with gaming.
  • Players can trade, tab or buy Patcards by auction which increases the value of the Patcard showing the Babe you support her.
  • Players can earn exclusive access to Babes their content and private details by solving puzzles and completing rewards. 
  • Players can create Patcards themselves if a Babe accepts their Invitation.

Support Patboy to become a Reality

Fortune Mission

Captain Galaxy Collecting Good Fortune with Fantasy Babes on Twitch

Side Hustle

Earn €100,- for inviting a Girl that joins us in the studio and create her Patcard with us!

Fans & Merchandise

Join the Patboy Community and embark on your Patboy Adventure for $3 a month