Fortune Show - Patboy Hustler - The Realest Card Game
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Fortune Show

For the development of upcoming Patboy Platform we run Fun, Flirty & Exciting Social Games which are played on a Patcard Link Page from Exciting Girls and and on Social Media with her Fans & Friends and our Players.

In the “Fantasy Babe IQ Game” models are invited in the studio and will be asked¬† questions the players/conestants will need to guess. Players and contestants can participate in the game by answering the question the message box below the video. The winning answer will be revealed in a new post where the video is played with the correct answer.

Players always win a Prize

Each player that made a donation for the girl in order to make her dreams come true  always will get a gift or reward in return for what they pair for as described. By buying this product you will receive addtional number which migh earn you a kis, a date or anything described in the game which the girl wants to give away as a prize.

Players can Boost their Chances with higher Donations

Players can improve their chances by choosing for Bigger donations. During the lottery drawn we will draw a number from the user database. The users with more numbers will have a bigger propability to win the game.

Money Back Guarantee

When participated in a game you can get your money back if upu haven’t received your gift. This only applies if the goal asn’t been reached yet. If the Campaign goal is reached players lose the right to get their money back.