Trading Patcards - Patboy Hustler - The Realest Card Game
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Trade & Collect Patcards

For players which trade in Patcards in order to help them grow in value there are even more prizes to be earned or even small profits depending on the girl if she is willing to share them with you. Players which own Patcards can and treat them well like assisting girls to acquire more players in which participate in games will be rewared with even more gifts form the girl.

Patcards are rare, unique and valuable

Let us summarize three points why Patcards are so precious and have real value.
Firstly, they can only be obtained by an invitation of a Patboy Card Game player. Secondly, they are unique! Such is the girl representing it in real life. Thirdly, they are valued based on the babe her social networth and ingame statistics from Patboy Card Game.

Players will be able to create their own Gamecards (Patcards)

Once we will release the game Players with an exclusive account will be able to create their own Patcards. This will allow them to invite every Babe they want to get in Patboy Card Game. Once the Babe accepts the invitation you can add the newly created Patcard to your deck and play with it.

If you want to know more about creating Patcards you should check this videodemo or visit our instruction page on how to create Patcards.

Earn Favor & Winning Prizes

By playing Patboy Card Game you are helping Babes to grow their Popularity and earn Fortune Points! Fortune Points can be used by everybody to unlock prizes and gifts and will become an Crypto Coin in the near future!