Create Patcard invitationsStep by step guide

Once you have the Patboy Card Game Installed it’s fairly easy to create Patcard Invitations!
Of course you will need the girls to accept your Invitation!  This will require some creativity but that’s part of the Game as well;)







Follow the steps below and you will be set to go! If you need additional assistance then visit our Twitch channel for additional help! If you help us to create Patcards that eventually will come in the game we will reward you for it.

Step 1: Create an Invitation for the girl

Open Patboy Hustler on your phone and navigate to ADD CARD.
Enter her Instagram Username and follow the process. Make sure you try to fill in the details as accurate as you can. The best is if she assists you in providing the correct details.

Step 2: Verification of your Invitation

A Patboy admin will look at your atcard Invitation and this will be either approved or rejected. Make sure every girl you invite is at least 18+ and has some talented or special that would make the Patcard valuable. Once your Patcard Invitation is approved you will receive a message in the Patboy Hustler App including a link you can sent to the girl to register her Patcard Link Page!

Step 3: Girl needs to accept this invitation

The girl has 30 days to accept your invitation and register her Patcard. She can do so by registering the Patcard from your link and then authenticate it once logged in. You can leave the authentication process up to us! If we fail to get the Patcard authenticated from her side we will let you know. 

Step 4: Final Prerequisites before getting paid

Before we can officially buy your Patcard it should for the price we offered it should:

  • The Patcard should be authenticated by her with our authentication code. We will cover this unless we fail to authenticate then we will notify you for assistance.
  • The Patcard should be completely filled in correctly with link, bio and profile image. We will support her in this process.

No App? No issue!
You can still suggest a Babe that you want to see in the game and we will invite her!