Invite a Girl

Fans of Patboy Card Game can earn €100,- by inviting any sexy Fantasy/Cosplay Babe they like to get in the Deck of the upcoming card game “Patboy Hustler”. Captain Galaxy will invite her with a Unique Invitation and Fortune Code needed to join the Fortune Campaign! If a Girl decides to join she will get paid in real Cash for the amount of Fans collected on her Patcard Link Page when the Game is launched!

how it works!

Ask the Sexy Fantasy/Cosplay Babe if she wants to be in the upcoming Card Game “Patboy Hustler”. You can show her our Instagram Page or any other Page to show her this an opportunity of a lifetime. With her Patcard she can win prize money from the 250.00 Jackpot!

If she wants to be in the Game then sent her the link to this page.
Then fill in her links in the form below and we will be in touch with her! Once she has joined us in the studio we will pay you €100,- for your efforts!

  • The girl you are suggesting must be 18 years or older and she must be using Instagram!
  • She needs to have a talent which makes her unique!
  • The girl you are suggesting will be invited by Captain Galaxy on Twitch and Youtube.  (Please inform her in advance that you want to suggest her!)

Suggest Any Girl that does Fantasy, Cosplay or Artistic Modeling


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