Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Girls, girls, girls! Gotta catch ’em all! PATBOY app designed for them boys who want to find, catch, store, share and even contact them sweet girls on Instagram. Never lose them out of sight, find the ones you love the most and add personal notes! Helping them boys to hustle and meet with the sweetest babes out there. Curious how this is going to work? Sign up for the BETA release and test it yourself!

Yes, this is a 100% REAL OG production without any big corporation backing us so we could use your support!
Note, that the app is still under development! But we want you to try it for free.


Hustle long enough and you will get the babes you were always dreaming of. My name is GC and I’ve always loved women although they didn’t always liked me. Alright, let’s cut the drama and fast forward to the great shit. It made me want to master the game with women which thrived me to setup 2 businesses which I run proactively until today. The game got me to a next level which I want to explore and share with all them fellow hustlers.

Putting up a team on PATBOY to get me and my fellow hustler the app we always wanted! Just for the love of the GAME and all the great things I believe it will bring.

Sign up for the BETA program and be the first one to try the app when the first edition is about to be released.


Oh, yeah.. if you are wondering who the F*** I am..
Please check these websites.. peace out!


Sign Up For BETA Release

Instagram is full of attractive women! This app will help you to find, store and organize them all! Above all you can share the ones you wish to share with all your PATBOY friends!

Sign up for the BETA release and join the PATBOY community.

When enlisted in the program you can join us and test the app behind screens before we will release it to the public for free.

If you are a designer, a programmer or textwriter who wants to join our team please feel free and send us a message on!

Hope to hear from you soon!