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Grow your online audience with us

Who are we?

PATBOY is a new brand creating revenue for Babes, Patplayers and the Patboy company. Our mission is to change the social gaming market and bring the best of gaming and attractive women together.

Be part of our team

We have big plans and we have the knowledge, the people and resources to realize them. We are always on the lookout for talented women who want to rocket launch their career by joining up with Patboy.

What’s next?

We are innovative, creative and hungry to take over this market. We have collected valuable partnership, co-ops and favors with some the best designers, producers, photographers, content creators and marketing agencies to create our brand but also to lift your business to a next level. Joining up with Patboy means; staying independent, getting paid and expanding your market share with our help.

Get to know us

All new things take time and we are very much aware of this. But nevertheless we believe in innovators, game changers, influencers and those who go first. If you feel like contact us do not hesitate. We are currently located in Amsterdam but a Skype call can be done in minutes in virtually any city in the world

What we good at

Use our network, team and systems to grow your market. There are no hidden fees and costs to it.
Learn more what we can offer you below.
1. Setting up marketing pages, fully designed websites or apps for different purposes.
2. Creating online funnels to convert traffic into cash.
3. Designing and producing social media / marketing campaigns for personal branding.
4. Putting together creative teams for online and offline media productions.
5. Utilizing current business and setting new businesses with more revenue as your Agent.