Official PATBOY | The Game Never Ends | Win Prizes
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Win Prizes!

In our search for the 1.000 undiscovered diamonds across the world PATBOY gives away many prizes in approach to PATLAUNCH. Once listed by a patplayer on PATWORLD you can receive free prizes! You don’t have to do anything for this. Patplayers can nominate patbabes in patworld for prizes each month. Patbabes with the most votes will get the prize.
In order to give away these prizes we will need your contact information to reward this prize to you. If you are not sure this email comes from us please send us an confirmation email to

Many Prizes!

We award many different prizes. These prizes are the following:

  • 100 times PATBOY sweat shirt with cap you are listed on PATWORLD by a Fan.
  • 20 x voucher of jewelry at choice at () worth 150,-
  • 10 x voucher for clothes to buy in online store (ASOS) worth €250,-.
  • 5 x Free photoshoot or videoshoots worth €750,-
  • 3 x all inclusive 7 day holiday, with private apartment for 2 persons worth €1000,-.

Awarding for Prizes

  • Patbabes listings get checked by admin. If listings are incorrect during nomination prize will not be granted and listing will get removed.
  • Patbabes that do not respond on their prize email within 3 days will lose the opportunity of receiving the prize for that month. The prize will be given away the following month to another patbabe.
  • Patbabes that have removed their listing will lose opportunity to claim their prize even though they had nomination votes for a prize.
  • Patbabes that do not accept or want to cancel their prize will automatically transfer this opportunity to the next months nominee.
  • Before receiving a prize a bill of acceptance, our legal policies according to accepting prizes from patboy has to be signed assisted with the contact information of your whereabouts to reward you the prize.