An Invitation Especially for you

If you have an Exclusive Patboy Card Game Invitation created by a Player you can create an NFT Patcard from within your Link Page Console.  You need to have an active Patcard Link Page in order to accept a Patboy Card Game Invitation. Accepting this invitation with your Instagram will give acces to your images in order to upgrade your account.

Beneficials when Upgraded

  • Unlock Custom Theme Service. Let us make you a custom theme totally free!
  • Unlock Managed NFT Service! Let us auction your Instagram Images on the Blockchain! You don’t have to do a thing!
  • Getting Featured in Patboy Card Game upon Launch in 2024! Grow your Popularity and Fame allowing Players to trade and Collect your NFT Patcard!

Register your Patcards Link Page with an Invitation & create NFT Patcard

These women have already accepted their invitation and are enjoying their free beneficials!

Meet GioThe guy behind Patcards Link Pages & Patboy Card Game

I am Gio! I am the producer and creator of Patcards Link pages. Together with with Ariana who is the lead artist / designer and all the other ladies that have joined so far, we try to create a Link Page service that empowers female talents and helps women to grow their popularity and earning fortune in fame with the help of gamers (players).

❤️ I will explain the idea to you in a nuttshell❤️