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Get Free Casting / NFT Art Pictures

We offer Instagram Models that are using Patcards Link Page a free Picture Shoot! The Picture shoot is for all models that have their talent which could be “cosplay, dancing, Fitness, art, music, pin up, beauty” free pictures to use on their Instagram!

  • The pictures will have a white or a green background as it makes it easy for use to edit.
  • Pictures can be used for your Social Media / Casting Agencies or wherever you want to use them for.

What you will get

  • You will get 10 unedited pictures.
  • You will get 3 edited.
  • You are free to use all the images wherever you want.
  • You can picture any outfit you want.

You will get all of this for free.
Make sure you are already using the Patcards Link Page if you want to benefit from this opportunity.

Duration & Preparation

The shoot will take approx. 1h – 2h. We prefer you arrive 15 min earlier. Make sure your clothes / costumes with you that you want us to make the pictures with.

  • You have to take care of your own styling and make – up if needed.
  • Brief us in advance which character you want to portray.
  • On the bottom of this screen you can set the time window you want to be having the picture shoot.

LocationVideo Essentie Media Productions

The studio is location in Amsterdam, in the studio of Video Essentie.
Elementenstraat 5, 1014 AR Amsterdam.

There is parking in front of the studio for 0,10 cents for 3 hours. Easy to reach with public transport from Sloterdijk Station.
For addition questions or help please contact us on

Crew on the Set


Laerke Nissen
Fotografie & Video
Video Essentie

Reserve your free Patboy Photoshoot!

Please fill in the details below. Once we have received the information we can schedule a date for your casting shoot.
  • You are an (18+) female model, which is using Instagram (for personal or commercial purposes).
  • You are not contracted by any commercial party limiting you from making commercial pictures.
  • You are a creative and talented person.:)

If you experience difficulties filling in the form then contact us directly on