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Patplayer Listing

Your Patcard

When a Instababe get’s listed in Patworld by a Patplayer she can simply accept or decline the offer. A patplayer offers social media growth and increase of popularity under Patplayers because the Instababe will become a collectable in PATWORLD moderated by this Patplayer.
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Authorized Patcards

Once a babe has authorized her listing she can change her details by contact the Patplayer or contacting PATBOY. When a listing is authorized she permits the Patplayer to play the Patgames after Patlaunch planned in fall 2021. W

Change listing details

Once accepted the listing babes are unable to change their listing details directly in Patworld. This will soon be possible after Patlaunch when the Patgames begin. Patlaunch will beĀ  accompanied with a new portal for babes to manage their information, change from Patplayers ,view growth statistics and so forth.
Currently babes can only change their details in Patworld by changing it in Instagram which is being used as a actual source of personal data.

Remove listing

When a babe wants to remove her listing she needs to contact PATBOY for removal and she will be out of the process. If you do want to get your listing removed send an email with your instagram name to If you believe your listing was removed by accident or on purpose by somebody we are unable to help you.