Official PATBOY | The Game Never Ends | Patlaunch
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Collect as much Instababes as you can!

The more Instababes you collect the better!  Atleast that is our advice.

What is Patlaunch?

Patlaunch is the release of an expanded version of the Patboy app with games, tradings and much more. This updated version will be released when PatPlayers have gathered a whopping 1001 Insta beauties that have authorized their listing from a Patplayer. We need the authorization as the Insta Beauties will become PatBabes and get their own environment to play this game with the PatPlayers.

Sunrise: Before Patlaunch

Before Patlaunch, PatPlayers have the opportunity to gather their resources to play the game. Yes resources. We do not want to reveal to much. But it’s definitely in your advantage having added a lot of Insta Beauties to Patworld, authorized or not.

Patgames: After Patlaunch

This is when the league opens for the best PatPlayer around with Insta Beauties. We got one tip of advice! Be the first to collect as much Insta Beauties as you can before other Pat Players claim their listing.  An Insta beauty can only be claimed once by one PatPlayer. And’s not solid until the girl authorized the listing.. if the the Pat beauty declines the listing other Pat Players can claim the listing and might get it authorized! Stay ahead of the game, make sure you got the Beauties authorized and you are solid.