Captain Galaxy has started a Campaign that will raise awareness for sexy / fantasy models who still believe in their dreams! Together with his Buddy Biggachu they made a game and all kinds of fancy stuff to assist you.

Earth has become such a dull place, full of boring people all doing the same over and over again...let's try something different!

Visit us in the sexy / fantasy podcast and share your story with the world! Let us get to know you and learn more about the opportunities we have to offer. Let’s get create some magic!

Studio Address

Our Studio is based in the production Studio of Video Essentie. The address is Elementstraat 5,1014 AR, Amsterdam.

Our Gift 💝 for you

Earn €75 with your Studio Visit

Captain Galaxy will pay you a welcoming fee of $75,- when you visit him in the Studio for the Fortune Podcast and will pay you $1 (with a maximum of $2500) for each Fortune Point you you can collect on your Pat.cards Link Page.

Earn additional €75 with Girls & Muppets Short

Life can be as colorful as we want it to be. Are you willing to find out what’s on the other side of the Rainbow? Get paid another $75 if you model for Captain Galaxy’s Girls & Muppets Campaign!

5 Professional Pictures Patboy Studio

Once you are in studio you can choose to get 5 professional pictures made from you in our Patboy Studio!

Collecting €50 – €25.000

If you decide you collaborate with us then Captain Galaxy and Biggachu will try to collect you €25.000 during the Fortune Campaign. When the Campaign ends they will offer you the total amount collected and the Gamification contract for a long term collaboration in their upcoming Game Patboy Hustler!

Contact us

We might be from another Planet, but that doesn’t mean we bite! Come visit us in the Studio and let’s work together! If it’s easier for you then you can also reach out to me on Instagram!


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