Official PATBOY | The Game Never Ends | Patboy Opportunity
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Introducing a New Market of Babes and Opportunity

Patcards are not out there, but soon they will and they are about to change the landscape of gaming for good. Patboy is not an game you can ever complete because you played through it, it’s a game that keeps on evolving as long as there are women men are attracted to. In short, the Patboy Game never ends as it is a game that keeps on growing and expanding the more players add cards of attractive women, that grow in value and get traded or sold to earn cash. It’s a machine that will keep on growing as new emerging models will enter the Patboy Market and others will leave the market with a buy out.
Patboy simple creates a new market, a game market that’s in real life but being played online. The game is not bound by the possibilities in the game but also bound to your own skills in real life.

Hustling Patcard Licenses

The Patcard License is the authorization signed by  the model on the Patcard for Patboy using the content delivered by her for the Patcard. This license includes the player and patboy as shareholder of owning this lisence.
When you are a licenseholder you are the cardholder. Once a model authorizes the card she will authorize the player. Patboy is a shareholder which is not visibile to the model.

Players can hustle women and approach them with the Patcard opportunity in order to get them to participate in the growth of their Patcard. As Patcards will get connected on the blockchain the money paid for them to acquire the lisence will have a unique value forever. For a player it could always be a valuable investment as the card you are holding the license from is a girl you adore or want to have this unique card from.

Investing in Long termn NFT’s

Patcards are long term NFT Investments. Growing in value as Art gorwng on the wave of popularity of the card in the game, world and the fame of the women representing the patworth. These Cards are unique items and because a women can only have one Patcard replication is impossible. Owning a Patcard NFT is a valuable items that will grow in value over time as a collectors items on the blockchain.