The Next Big thing

A new gaming revolution is about to happen in the summer of 2023 for all creative & talented models using Patcard Link Page! Your Patcard Links and Images can get featured in Patboy Card Game once you accept the NFT Patcard invitation a Patboy Game Card player! Patboy players collect and trade NFT Patcards and support you in your promotion in order to grow the value of the NFT Patcard and generate profits.







Make Girls Happy and Earn Profits!

Making girls happy in real life with a Game is no longer a Fantasy. A NFT Patcard player offers a girl a great offer of getting her own Unique NFT Patcard. The great thing about an NFT Patcard is that the girl can also use it as a Link Page, win Prizes and will earn profits from it. Are you ready to make some girls happy today?

NFT Patcards are unique

NFT Patcards are unique as they represent actual value based on the average value of your social networth. NFT Patcards are minted with the Patboy app and can only be created once. The more players holding and trading you NFT Patcard the more value it gains added to your Social Networth on the Blockchain.

Create NFT Patcards with the Hustler App

It’s easy to create NFT Patcards with the Patboy Hustler App.You can get a copy once you are a Patcard Player or watch this videodemo on our Instagram page.

Offer girls something Interesting

NFT Patcards give you an unique way to connect with girls you favor or like. It’s a way to express your feelings that you want to be in support of her expression! You are the player that will help her NFT Patcard grow in popularity by playing the Game.

Earn real money from gaming

During Pre Sale 2023/2024 Patboy will buy authenticated NFT Patcards from Players. Patboy pays up to €150,- for a NFT Patcard depending on the quality.