Official PATBOY | The Game Never Ends | Monetize your Patcard
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Monetize your Patcard

Capabilities of your Patcard

A patcard is a dynamic Card that is used in the Patboy card game by patplayers which they use to trade with other players and see pictures and details you share on the Patcard.   A patcard contains the possiblity to share services and products to your audience which will keep on going  even if you have sold the Card as it is a beneficial for the owner of the card to have the services for free.

A patcard functions as a game item in the game and on the web as a linkpage showing all your personal and social links which you manage from your personal console.  The console environment will show you statistics of the clicks and views and the progress in the game and on the web and the monetization of your Patcard in the game.

Monetizing your Patcard

Once Patboy has 100 authorized Patcard it will launch monetization on the Patmarket. This means that at that time all cards have to be bought with Bitcons and we will drop the game currency. We have no plans of releasing our own coin and the Cards will be bought against the conversation rate from bitcoin to ingame currency of patcoins.

Earning revenue by the sale of your Patcard
If you have authorized a Patcard that was sold in the Game it will from that point have a cryptocurrency value expressed in bitcoins. Each time a card get’s sold to another layer you will earn interest of the transaction.

Earning revenue by proving your own services
You will be able to provide your own services as exclusive pictures / video’s that will be presented in the game to Patplayers who own or have tabbed the Patcard. Patowners will have these services for free. Other players will have to tab your card and indirectly pay for these additional services from which you will profit.