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Latest News

Finally sending the Patcard Invitation to 7 Instagram Babes! Let’s see how they respond:)

This is a BIG Moment!
After 6 months of hard work I can finally try the Patcard Invitation. I did sent 7 invitations today!
Now we just have to see and wait how they will respond.
I am very excited. Let’s wait and see what comes out of this.

I will propose the Instagram Model the following.

Either do a video call with me and than approve.
Join me in the Studio for the Patcard creation.

You can join my live stream on Twitch for the upcoming 6 months.
– I will try to create Patcards
– Invest a certain amount of Cash in them
– Promote and put the Patcards for Sale on the Blockchain
– Try to create awesome footage, deals for you guys to enjoy.

Let’s see where this journey will go from here!
Join my live streams on Twitch!

Check out all the Special Girls I have found so far: