Your Link Page holds Real value

Patcards is a new interactive platform between Instagram Models and Gamers! As an Instagram Model you will get your Link Page (pat.card/linkpage) which is visible on the web and also in the Patboy Card Game as an NFT Trading Card.
Showing real Instagram Models in a Real Game and having their Images interact in gameplay is unique. We are currently exploring all the possibilities and are slowly enrolling the platform for more users to try.

Patboy Ingame Promotion

Our promotion options in Patboy Card Game with your Patcard Link Page.

Patcard ingame Promotion
This type of promotion is mandatory for all Patcards.

  • Your Patcard Linkpage is available and playable for all Patboy Card Game players.
  • Your Patcard Linkpage will show all your links in the Game to players.
  • Your Patcard Linkpagecan be traded between players.


Reward Promotion Campaigns
This type of promotion is custom and needs to be setup specifically for you in accordance with our team. Our team will setup custom challenges for Players which resolve around you and discuss the rewards that you want to give to your audience when they have completed the campaign in our game.
We will try to design campaigns that meet your demands in order to improve your personal branding for the right target audience.


  • Engage your audience with gifts, services or free access vouchers in order to make them complete campaigns that resolve around your online branding in our game.
  • Target a new growing specific audience in a way that has never been done before. Make your audience work and get engaged in your story before getting more access to your products in a fun way.

In order to set up these specific campaigns you will be contacted from our game studio if we feel you meet our criteria.
These are all offered for free.

Managed NFT Services

  • Our Team will customise  / edit or if needed enhance selected Instagram pictures or selfies from your account before they are featured on your Patcard in Patboy Card Game or offered for Auction on in our Patcard Collection.
  • Our Team will put effort into making your pictures or selfies more valuable by promoting them on our channels and / or commercial media.
  • You will keep and have full ownership of the pictures / selfies until they are auctioned. When an image is sold as an NFT you can still use the image on your Instagram as we have sold a modified / enhanced copy as an NFT. For this enhanced copy you will no longer have rights of ownership.
  • Our Team will upkeep and market your NFT Patcard Collection by regularly selecting and new images from your Instagram and add them to your Patcard Collection..
  • Profits made from sold NFT Images are converted from ETH to Dollars and deposited on your balance which you can see in your Console in “Patcard Revenue”
  • Patboy Profits made from in Game Transactions are deposited on your balance which you can see in your Console in “Patcard Revenue”
  • Our profit model is based on a 30/70 commission. You will never be charged for any costs. When NFT Images are sold or Ingame profits are made we apply a 30/70 ratio on the profits. Dividing the profits 70% to your account and 30% to our account for the provided work and services.