Official PATBOY | The Game Never Ends | Grow your Popularity
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Grow your Popularity

Patboy offers existing and upcoming Instagram Babes an unique opportunity to be part of the Patboy Card Game with almost no effort. Instagram Babes can easily connect their Instagram account to a pre-made Patcard which will be automatically updates when you share pictures or movies on your Instagram. Once the card is released in the game the value of the card will rise due to the trading of Patcards by Patboys in the Patboy Game. Your Patcard will automatically redirect patplayer to your designated addresses and you can adjust and change details of your persona in your personal console.

Your Personal Console

Your personal console allows Patgirls to view ingame statistics of their Patcard. Allows them to change Patcard Persona information, set routing links to specific pages or portals and upload unique content which can be locked with Patcash.  Patcash is a virutal currency Patplayers use to buy and sell patcards which will raise the value of your patcard. In future updates Patcash owned by Patgirls can be converted to real cash. This is only possible for Patgirls.

Boost the Value of your Instagram content

Using your Instagram content to boost the Ingame Value of your Patcard will get you more traffic and engagement surrounding your online persona. There is no additional effort once it is setup it will push the content automatically to your PatCard.