For the release of Patboy Card Game, Captain Galaxy & Pikachu are looking for Fantasy Models to get featured in the Game!

Sexy / Fantasy Model Assignment in Patboy Studio

For our upcoming card game “Patboy Hustler” (where players / fans will earn their favourite fantasy models fortune points in order to earn their favor) we are looking for a sexy / fantasy model to get in the game and use the Page 

In order to further develop the game and visualize the promotion campaign we are ooking for models that would love to visit us in the studio for a promotional interview and creation of your participation in the upcoming game!

About the Assignment

The assignment consists of a interview like recordings in the Patboy Studio with additional photography to register the event and hightlight the model together with Captain Galaxy & Pikachu.

What you will get

We would love to collaborate with you and help you grow your popularity and income with gamification. You could choose to register your and complete the process yourself or contact us to make an appointment in our studio!

  • A colorful interview hosted by Captain Galaxy & Pikachu starring you!
  • Your Unique “Patcard” which works as a “Link Page” and will earn you money in the upcoming Card Game “Patboy Hustler”!
  • A fully customized which we will setup in order for you to earn money with it.
  • Financial Compensation for the Amount of Fortune Points you Collected when Game get’s Launched!
  • (Only with Studio Invitation) A unique interview about you and the creation of your new Patcards in order for us to promote it!
  • Only with Studio Invitation)  A unique picture with Pikachu.galaxy and 5 edited reels from the interview!

* It’s not guaranteed if we will use the material for our Campaign. We will only use the material if it matches our expectations. You will always get paid and receive the full material as promised.

Studio & LocationPatboy Media Productions

The studio is located in Amsterdam. If you come by car we have free parking spot for you in our garage. If you come by public transport we recommend you to take the train to Amsterdam Lelylaan and walk from there to our location. 

Contact us

In order to participate you need to:
  • You are a (18+) cosplay / fantasy model
  • You have an Instagram account with at least 1000 followers.