Let’s Play a Game!

You probably found this page because you received a personal invitation to join the Fortune Campaign of Captain Galaxy!

I challenge every Fantasy Babe in the Galaxy that I can earn each of them a fortune of real cash if they are prepared to join my upcoming Fantasy Card Game in return!

If you haven’t received an Invitation than visit Captain Galaxy on Instagram!

Game Conditions

  • You need a Personal Invitation created with the Patboy Hustler App to join the Fortune Campaign
  • There are only 100 Fantasy Babes allowed on the Fortune Campaign
  • You need a Patcards Link Page in order for Captain Galaxy to collect you Good Fortune!
  • The amount of Fortune Points which Captain Galaxy collects for you will be offered in real cash at the end of the Fortune Campaign
  • You can stop the Fortune Campaign at anytime by disconnecting you Patcards Link Page

How it’s Played

Captain Galaxy will direct fans and players to the Patcards Link Page of the Fantasy Model in order to wish her Good Fortune. For each collected Good Fortune Point the Fantasy Model will be paid $1 on the launching day of Patboy Card Game.


If you have any further questions you could reach out to me at patboygame@gmail.com