The Goal of the Fame & Fortune Campaign

The Fortune Campaign is designed to prepare of the Patboy Card Game for the Summer 2023. The goal is to give Patcard Link Page users a taste of how they would be earning gifts and growing their popularity by having their Patcard featured in the upcoming Card Game Patboy.

What do you get out of it when I join the Fame & Fortune Campaign?

When you join the campaign you are formally signing up of participating with Patboy Card Game from that moment.  Even though the Game hasn’t been launched you will be allowing Patboy Card Game to create an Patcard instance of your Patcard Link Page which they will use on their launch to fill the deck for their Card Game. For this you don’t have to do anything. Removing your Patcard instance requires you to close your Patcard Link Page.

Can anybody profit from this Campain?

Certainly not. In order to benefit from this campaign you must be using Patcards Link Pages and have an active invitation from Patboy Card Game on which you can Cash in with your Instagram to activate the campaign on your Patcard.

Can you stop participating?

Definitely! You can stop your Link Page Account at any time. When closing your Link Page Account you will automatically disconnect from Patboy Card Game if you were connected.

Do I have to pay for anything?

Definitely not! There are no costs involved. Our Patcards Link Page services are for free and participating in the Fortune Campaign only brings prizes. It’s up to you how much fortune points you will be able to collect.

Pay outs of Prizes

All prizes will be sent to your contact details provided to us in your details section in your Patcards Link Page. If you have accumulated enough Fortune points we will verify this and sent you the gifts when this is all correct. Once you have received a gift you can still accumulate more prizes as long as Patboy Card hasn’t been launched yet.







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