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Patcards offer new and refreshing themes for your Linkpage! We love to create refreshing and colorful themes themes inspired by all the beautiful things in the world. We also provide a free managed services to tailor develop your theme and promotion according to your personality for free!
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Join Patboy Card GameYour Link Page Earning Profits and Fame

When using a Patcard Link Page you might get Invited by a Patboy Card Game Player! This will allow you to upgrade to an NFT Patcard earning you Fame and Profits in Patboy Card Game without you having to do anything!


When you are invited and accept the Invitation:

  • Upon Launch of Patboy in 2023, you will be paid out the amount of the Patcard Value visible on your Invitation. You will also receive future payments from in game revenue from players trading your NFT Patcard.
  • Your NFT Patcard / Link Page will be promoted by Patboy Card Game in order to make it sell on the blockchain and picked up by players in order to grow the popularity of your NFT Patcard / Instagram.
  • You will be offered the creation a unique Theme for our Patcards Link Page by our Theme.