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We want to create Funny & Sexy podcast shows with a taste of Fantasy.  Our goal is to tease and play but also show our audience what Sexy / Fantasy Babes are all about! What are their dreams or goals? How do they deal with Guys in general? And much much more..? Let’s find out and get to meet them in person!

Demo Invitation Video with Pikachu!

Demo recording featuring our guest Jens

Inviting our first to be Female Guest on the show?

Invitation for Sexy Fantasy Babes to Win $250.000 Jackpot!

Full Episode Demo Recordings

We are currently in the process of further improving our upcoming weekly Patboy’s Sexy Fantasy Podcast Show. We are always looking for interesting guests who feel at home in our production! Do you want to visit us and star in our Sexy Fantasy Podcast Show?

Podcast Recording Location

We are located in Amsterdam close to the Vondelpark. Come and visit our Sexy Fantasy Podcast in the Studio!  Take your friends with you. Drinks are on us. 

Production Team

Meet our Team Members!


Captain Galaxy

Captain Galaxy

Captain Galaxy

Captain Galaxy

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