How to earn Cash BountyStep by step guide

In preparation of the Patboy Card Game launch we are paying visitors on our stream the bounty that is set on an Instababe if they succeed in getting her to authenticate her Patcard.

Girls using Patcards Link Pages







3 Easy Steps

Follow the steps below what to do and how you can easily earn the set cash bounty.

Step 1

Get in touch with the girl. Hopefully you know the babe on which a bounty has been set for her Patcard. If not you will have to get in touch with her and we advice you to flatter her in advance in you want her to reply to your message.

Step 2:

Sent the invitation link. The invitation link redirects to a specific page for the Instabae using her Instagram name on top with a personal message. If the Babe registers her Patcard from this page she is able to authenticate her Patcard once she is logged in.

Step 3:

Girl needs to accept her invitation. The girl has 30 days to authenticate her Patcard invitation. If she authenticates her Patcard and you have been part of this proces you can sent us some screenshots of you chat log with her. Once you can proof you have assisted us in getting her Patcard we will pay you the placed bounty set in a Hustler TV episode.

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