Official PATBOY | The Game Never Ends | Creating Patcards
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Creating a Patcard Invitation

In order to create Patcard References you need to install the Patboy Card Game on your phone.
Once you have installed the Patboy Card Game you can easily navigate to the section ADD CARD.
It’s important that you know that if a reference is already created you are unable to create it. Reference are created by the Instagram Username of a Model. You simply enter the username of the Instagram model and you can start to setup the reference by filling in the details step by step.

Filling in Patcard Reference Details

Patcard Price Indexing

In the Patboy Demo Hustler we set the INDEXPRICE of Patcard which is the price you have to with dummy money if you want to get the License of the card according to the amount of followers.

As this currently is a demo and negotiations with women are still running at the time how to define the accurate price we use the amount of followers to set the INDEXPRICE.

Authorization of the Patcard

The authorization of the Patcard determines if the Patcard container is going to be used to put in licensed content of the girl. Once this proces is completed it will make you a royalty holder once we launch the Patmarket and statrt to use real money.  If you sell the card in the meantime in the Patboy Cardgame App you will lose the royalties.

Once the reference has been verified it willl have 90 days to get authorized and enter the game. If this does not happen the Patcard Container will go into quaraine for 90 days. This means this instagram username can not be added to out system during this anymore.

Patboy will reach out to the referenced babe and asking her for authorization if we can track her contact details. You could of great assistance to help in this process, for instance by send us the details you have to
But it would also help if the girl you added is a friend or it might even be your girlfriend and that you have explained her the game, the profits and getting her email and than providing it to us.

Once a Babe has authorized the card with us by completing the authorization procedure your Patcard is ready to go!
You can either keep it, trade or sell it. Rememember that if you decide to sell you are also selling your potential future royalties once patboy get’s connected to the blockchain an launching the Patmarket.

Track Patcard References and Authorized Patcards

Happy Mining!