Captain Galaxy & Pikachu are Collecting 100 Fortune Babes in order to Launch Patboy Card Game!


Who is Captain Galaxy& Pikachu?

Captain Galaxy is known a Gio. He works a normal job in Amsterdam and lives his fantasy game with his imaginary friend Pikachu. Together they are looking for new adventures and stories to tell when they get back to planet earth. Hoping they can save the planet with the release of their upcoming game.

Launch of Patboy Card GameGamification of Real Babes & their Socials

Captain Galaxy and Pikachu are looking for Babes of Fortune in Space that would optionally be in Patboy Card Game. This is a Card Game featuring real babes on Cards which players can trade and collect to become the best player!

Play the GameBecome a Player

When you play Patboy Card Game you will help girls to grow their Fortune & Fame and meet new girls and win beneficials from them.. Patboy Card Game allows you to create or collect Patcards from real existing girls online or even your girlfriend. By playing the game you will help them grow their fame and you will become a better player.  Taking Patboy Hustler app with you everywhere allows you to play the game with any girls, anywhere you are. Are you ready to meet new girls and become a better player?

Preparing for the Launch of the GameCollecting 100 Babes of Fortune in Space

In order to make this Game a reality Captain Galaxyand Pikachu are collecting 100 Patcards with the Patboy Hustler App to kick it off! With your help it would make it even easier!

  • Register at IndieGogo to get the first release of the game once it’s launched!
  • Follow the Captain Galaxies Series and tell your friends about what is going to happen!
  • Suggest a Babe that you believe should be in the game!

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