Become a Patcards Ambassador!

Becoming a Patcards Link Page Ambassador isn’t just being part of an extraordinary group of talented women that seek to empower others with their work. It also comes with some great benefits!
  • You will receive a a Patboy Card Game Invitation for your Instagram Account. This will allow you to upgrade your Link Page into an Unique NFT Patcard which will Earn Profits and Fame on the Blockchain without you having to do anything.
  • Patcards Link Pages is stacked with Themes, but for our Ambassadors we will create a custom personalized theme. Specifically colored and designed to match your
  • As an Patcards Ambassador you are the first to try our NFT Service where we will edit and sell pictures you picked on the blockchain as NFT free of charge! (You can withdraw your earnings in your Patcards Link Page).
  • As an Ambassador our team will promote your NFT Patcard / Patcard Links / Instagram Images in unpaid and paid promotion in order to boost the value of your NFT Patcard. The higher the value of the NFT Patcard, the more revenue you get and the more players we get excited to want it!

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