The game will never end, tell em.

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Some Gamerules

We love you guys and we hope you guys love us too for the sake of this game.  We are building this game for you guys to keep the game with women alive and we hope you guys will love it!
  • Cheating or using false information is not prohibited.
  • All Patgirls that are listed by Patplayers will be moderated and regularly checked by admins.
  • Patgirls are not allowed to create their own listing. That would be the same as participating as a candidate in a beauty contest and sitting in the jury at the same time.  Girls, women and ladies who want to get listed on PATWORLD need a Patplayer that creates their listing, that’s the whole idea. If an admin finds out you have created your own listing your listing will be suspended. That’s simply cheating.
  • It’s the Patplayers responsibility to inform a Patgirl about him creating a Patgirl listing for her. Patgirls can remove their listing here if they do not agree with the listing or they can request a transfer of their Patlisting to Patboy Official or another Patplayer.