The game will never end, tell em.

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Add any girl you like or know!

You can add girls to PATBOY  you know personally or maybe just from Instagram or Television, women you adore or favor or Girls you meet in real life and want to use Patboy as an excuse to get an conversation going. Be creative. It’s your game and we all look forward to your personal and unique catches all over the world!

Picking the right girls

Not all girls are the same. Some will will special when you ask them and others rather avoid all the attention. Please respect their feelings and do not add girls against their will. From here and on forward we can not support you anymore. This app is not developed for men to annoy, embarrass or any other form of inappropriate behavior towards women. If we find out this is the case your account will be suspended without any notification.

We suggest you pick girls to add to your patlist that  you see or know in person. Surely you can add the best looking girls from Instagram to your Patlist but chances you won’t be her Patowner for long or be losing the pat if you give in wrong, false or deprecated details. If you are sure that you know more about her than she even knows about herself and you could vouch for her that you are her biggest fan than all will probably be fine

Ask For Permission

We do not want to spoil the fun, but we recommend that you inform the girl in advance of adding her to your Patlist. You would spend a lot of time and energy on her Patlisting and suddenly she decides to remove the listing and there is nothing you can do about. Please do inform the ladies in advance in some way even if it’s just a text or a message that stays unanswered. Make sure to inform them where they can remove the listing if they would like to.