Let's collect all the beautiful girls in the world!

Download PATBOY and start trading patcards to collect the most beautiful Intababes of the world. Earn rewards and become the best PatPlayer of the world.
Official PATBOY website | Before you start
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Before you start

We all favor many Instababes! We made an App for all guys to collect and share them! Of course we want to help them grow their popularity and online business with the PATBOY Cardgame but we do have to think about their privacy.
Please ask how Instababes feel about getting listed in PATWORLD before adding them to PATWORLD.
Thank you in advance.

In order for us to activate your listed patcard we need the authorization of the Instababe.  In order for you to use this Patcard and add it to your deck you need to get the authorization of this Instababe.  Share this page with the Instababe from which you would like to create a Patcard. This link will allow Instababes to apply for a Patcard from which we will ask their authorization for the listed Patcard.

And remember. Instababes can not create Patcards without a listing made by a Patplayer! Instababes will need your help if they want to have their own patcard! Thank you for understanding.